How To Find An Access Control System Service in Peterborough?

by Hussain Ravji

Posted on 20-11-2021 05:10 PM



Benn Lock and Safe Ltd of Peterborough are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems in the East Midlands. With a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be assured of a fast and efficient service

We aim to be the best electronic security company in the region, and the best service company in the region. Access+Control+Services Our reputation is proof of this. Organisations, retail companies, commercial developers and the rapidly growing East Midlands community have relied on our experienced management and technical team for many years to ensure the security of their staff and buildings.

The advantages of installing access control systems:

For many years, access control systems were seen by many as a simple but effective security tool that allows authorised persons to gain access to a building or area. While many people still view access control in this way, modern access control systems now offer a wider variety of tools and benefits that are often overlooked.

Beyond traditional basic security, modern access control systems can help any organisation increase operational efficiency and therefore reduce costs by allowing integration with a variety of products and employee solutions.

Access control solutions from Benn Lock and Safe Ltd can help businesses in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire region overcome any security challenge. The company offers a comprehensive security installation service and has many years of experience in the installation of access control systems and security systems.

Whatever the size of your business, Total Security offers access control solutions tailored to your specific needs. Access control systems can be installed on interior or exterior doors, gates and vehicle entrances, allowing you to monitor who enters these areas at any time of day or night, all year round.

At any time of day or night, all year round.

To help you make the right decision, here's the information to share with the access control system specialist who can help you choose the right system, install and maintain it:

  • 1) How many zones do you want to secure?
  • 2) What area does the system cover?
  • 3) Do you need simple, stand-alone solutions for one door or,
  • 4) Cover multiple access points,
  • 5) Control systems in the office, or,
  • 6) Remote control systems,
  • 7) Key card and access control systems? These are more suitable for larger companies.
  • 8) Small and medium-sized companies with simple access scanners.

Smaller businesses can also benefit from using an access control system. Access control is scalable, so even small businesses can find solutions to suit their size and budget. The right access control security system is easy to use, so you can protect your business even if you have no technical or security knowledge.

Our specialist security engineers have extensive experience in the access control industry and design, install and maintain a wide range of solutions, from simple magnetic strips to the latest smart cards and biometric devices.

With our high quality systems, you can expect a high level of performance and ongoing service to ensure that your company is always equipped with the latest devices to keep your business secure.

We reduce the time and effort required to manage your access control system with our complete access control system offering, which includes design, installation and technical support.

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd Access control systems are the best way to manage your access control system.

Telephone access systems and intercoms are excellent ways to manually ensure that the right people enter your building. With these systems, a person identifies themselves and is granted access by a member of staff at the push of a button at a master station. In this way, company security or reception staff can know exactly who enters the building and at what time before the door or gate is unlocked. We can also integrate a simple or sophisticated public address, intercom and access control system that works in conjunction with CCTV to create a complete security package for your business.

We are your installation and repair experts in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, with many years of knowledge and experience in installing and maintaining the best access control systems throughout the region.

Access control systems and components

Do you need an access control system?
Well, if protecting your employees, your assets and your data is an important part of your business, then yes. There are basically three types of access control that make up a complete physical security system. Security starts at the door to ensure the safety of your buildings and employees. Access control in network security is also important and will be covered in a later blog. Today we look at physical security, such as card access control systems.

Physical access control is the use of physical barriers that can help prevent unauthorised users from accessing systems. It also allows authorised users to access systems with physical security in mind. This type of control includes protecting the computer by securing the door that allows access to the system, the use of a paper access log, closed-circuit video surveillance and, in extreme situations, the use of safe but secure "mantraps" which restrict access yet are safe to use with no risk to the person contained within the system.

The access control device and the magnetic lock are the main components required for installation. The stand-alone access control device (model number sa32-e) used in this project is shown in Fig. 4. It is a contactless RFID smart card reader and password verifier. It allows three verification modes (rfid card only, pin only and card and pin) to ensure maximum security and flexibility. With one relay output (optional) and one push button output (low), one door button port and one buzzer port, the unit is simple yet effective for use in homes, offices and other public places.

Protection: by preventing unauthorised access to a premises, it helps to protect premises and the people and valuables within them, usually against damage or theft. Restricting access: at the same time, it can also act as a security measure by preventing people from approaching a potentially dangerous area or piece of equipment (even if they should not be there in the first place). Extremely flexible - Access control systems are extremely flexible. They can be programmed so that only certain people can access certain doors at certain times.

As with web-based access control systems, mobile systems can be accessed via the internet and, in particular, via a smartphone. It works by sending an unlock cloud to a server, either via a wifi connection or a mobile signal. It can be used in conjunction with other technologies such as Bluetooth or near field communication (nfc), making it even easier to unlock doors with mobile phones. This option is favoured by small businesses and even residential areas that need to grant access on a one-off basis to certain people, but are not hindered by not having the ease of use of other systems.

An overview of the components of access control and how they work together.

To manage the risks faced by many businesses and ensure a fully protected environment for employees and authorised visitors, security managers must implement innovative, integrated security solutions. And one of the most important components of any system is access control technology.

Our engineers go beyond basic security requirements to develop customised access control systems that provide your business with much more than just secure access. We can offer solutions with zone monitoring, timed access, audit trail reporting, time/attendance reporting and much more.

With so many types of access control systems to choose from, we can provide you with a solution that is tailored to your needs.

With so many types of access control systems in the security world, choosing the right one is not easy. Taking a complete inventory of your security system will ensure you have the information you need to consider both your current and future access control needs, as well as potential devices you may need to install to upgrade an outdated system. Even within this basic framework, there are many variations and innovations on the market. It is best to create a customised plan for your needs and contact us to discuss the details and clarify any questions.

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